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Young Life is exploding in Africa and the Middle East.  Last year over 615,000 kids were reached.  An African proverb says “the slow way is the fast way” and this reflects YL’s philosophy of reaching one kid at a time. 

Here are some numbers that show how God is using YL to make disciples in Africa:

​2016 ​Percent Increase (3 yr)
​Kids Reached ​615,000 ​45%
​Active YL Clubs ​92,000
​Kids & Leaders at Camp ​68,000 ​23%
​Campaigners ​32,000 ​51%
​Volunteer Leaders ​4,848 ​25%
​DGL* ​139 ​16% 

*DGL is Developing Global Leaders, a program where individuals who have potential to become leaders in their

community are sponsored during their education and mentored by YL staff.

Families and individuals from Polk County have visited Kenya during the summer time for short-term missions. 
You can watch the video, which describes one of these mission trips, by clicking here​.

In addition, Polk County families are involved in supporting to YL Area Directors in Kenya.
Here are their profiles:

This is George Kamau.  He lives near Nairobi in a small industrial town called Ruiru.  In addition to being a husband and father and his passion for bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to young people, he has an interest furthering his education in Project and Planning Management, to address concerns in needy communities.  This summer he took more than 100 kids to Campaigner Camp.

Joan Alusa Khoyi runs 3 YL clubs in western Kenya, not far from Lake Victoria.  Her town, Chavakali, is a challenging area for YL since it is deeply rooted in traditional beliefs.  Joan came to faith as a teen and loves working with teens and has been on staff for three years. 

If you have an interest in learning more about international missions click here

If you would like to connect with a Polk County family that has been to Kenya and would like to learn more,
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